Food Bank

UNITED STATES - Day 19 of the partial government shutdown, which is now on pace to become the longest in history.

Despite the shutdown SNAP benefits have been funded through the end of February, but with no permanent solution there could be some serious issues for food banks.

"That 24% in Yakima that rely on SNAP to put food on their tables, without SNAP, our food banks will see a lot more people. There'll be an overwhelming demand if this government shutdown keeps going much past February," said Sheri Bissell, Community Engagement Manager for Northwest Harvest.

Bissell says in Benton County 15% of people rely on SNAP, 20% in Franklin and 15% in Walla Walla County.

She also says all of this is happening during a time of need.

"Besides the government shutdown and SNAP, and all of this that's going on, nationally charities are seeing donations being slightly lower and that's because of the tax billing cuts with charitable giving for that," Bissell.

With everything happening Northwest Harvest knows this is the time to load up on food.

"We feel like right now is the time to really gear up and get more food if we can, we rely on the communities around us," Bissell.

During this time of year after all the holidays Bissell says food banks are usually low on food.

Northwest Harvest distributes food to about 65 food banks in all of Central Washington.

If you would like to donate food you can stop by the Northwest Harvest warehouse located at 911 S. 3rd St, Yakima, WA 98901.

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