Holiday Food

YAKIMA, WA - If you're home for the holidays you can already imagine that delicious smell that is going to be coming out of the kitchen on Christmas day.

After all the unwrapping is done you will probably be looking forward to enjoying some of those traditional holiday dishes.

Whether it's ham, tamales, baked macaroni and cheese, maybe even some of your grandmothers apple pie nutritionists say to try and be mindful as you're indulging these foods so that you don't end up feeling guilty for everything you ate.

"Thinking, 'Do I really want to eat this?' or am I eating just because it's there. Am I enjoying it? And if you're in the middle of the pie and you're like, 'You know what it's not the best,' try a different dessert, keep going, move on to the next one," said Rocio Petersen, nutritionist, YVFW.

Petersen says a tip is to have balance and the trick is to not eat less.

"Don't skip meals. Sometimes we say okay I'm going to save all my calories for dinner or ooohhh I saw what grandma is making, Okay I can do this, but if you skip meals then you're going to be super hungry and that will lead to the over eating," said Petersen.

Petersen also says it's important not to forget your vegetables, but she also says to be cautious of starchy ones.

"Three main veggies to be careful with are potatoes, corn and peas," said Petersen.

Another tip Petersen shared was to chew gum or drink tea while cooking to avoid picking at food and ruining an appetite before it's time to sit down for dinner.

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