Toppenish MLK Peace March

TOPPENISH, WA - Locals in Toppenish walked the streets in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

The 9th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Peace March was formed by kids, teens and adults who held signs quoting Doctor King himself, others wore shirts honoring him.

This year the march was around the theme "Live the Dream."

Those who were part of the march explained what this holiday means to them.

"Today's message, to share, is to be united and to not judge other people by their skin color," said Alex De La Cruz.

"If it weren't for him the world wouldn't be like this, and we would be treating people differently," said Mackenzee Adams.

"It means love and peace for everybody all over the world," said Lyda De Leon.

The march ended at Toppenish Middle School where a full presentation went on.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Kathleen Ross from Heritage University who said it was wonderful to see Toppenish come together as a community of hope.

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