ELLENSBURG, WA - Have you ever had a great idea and thought this could be the next big thing? Well, one mom did and now her invention will soon be sold online.

"My name is Kasandra Gillis, I am a Ellensburg resident and just an at home mom now," said Kasandra Gillis, inventor of Strolyy.

After Gillis had her first born she says an idea came to her.

"I found myself caring the car seat more than I would like to," which Gillis said sparked the idea of creating Strolyy.

"There's just those certain times when you just want to keep them in the car seat, because you don't want to wake them, or you know you're going to a restaurant, or something where you need somewhere to put the baby, so I was just trying to solve that problem," said Gillis.

Gillis says her goal was to create a affordable stroller that would help all parents.

"Getting out of the house with a new born is very challenging and with Strolyy I am not held up at all... Just pop it open, set the car seat in, and strap, and go," said Gillis.

Strolyy will soon be sold online, which is great because Gills says she's already gotten a few questions about it.

"Everyone sees me in town with this little stroller and their like, 'What is that thing?' and I'm like, 'It's my mom invention that I've created," said Gillis.

For anyone that is on the edge about a creative idea Gillis suggests to follow through with it.

"If you come up with a good idea and you think that you have a problem that needs solving go for it, because you know I felt like I might not be able to do this, but if you really believe in something, and you just keep going on it you can do it. Anyone can do it," said Gillis.

Gillis says it took her three years to put together Strolyy and in a few months it will be sold on and on Amazon for $50.

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