Pizza Hut

YAKIMA, WA - Who doesn't love pizza? Even better, who doesn't love free pizza?

Pizza Hut definitely put smiles on some faces by handing out some of their goods for free.

"Today we are doing the a, 'Day of Giving.' We're giving back to our local communities, to the first responders and shelters in the community," said Joe Kerns Director of Operations, Pizza Hut.

Those who received free pizza had these reactions...

"It's amazing!"

"Who doesn't love pizza right?"

If you're asking why Pizza Hut hand out 200 free pizzas, well Kerns says, "We wouldn't be successful if it wasn't for the communities we are in, and it's so important for us to give back to the communities for everything that they do for us."

Kerns also says it's nice to know that all the food will feed lots of hungry people.

"We see anywhere from 30 to 50 youth and young adults every single day here at Rod's House so this pizza and this generosity is really going to do great things for us," said Brian Ahern, Program Director, Rod's House.

"It's been an exhausting morning, it's cold outside, they've been fighting fire, doing a lot of work so they are going to come back to this wonderful meal," said Jeff Pfaff, PIO, Yakima Fire Department.

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