Plastic Straw Ban Affects Local Business

YAKIMA, WA - Many restaurants have have gotten rid of plastic straws, and you'll have to ask for them whenever you go out.

Well Washington and Oregon are currently one step closer to banning plastic straws altogether. In Washington, Senate Bill 5077 is currently up at the House of Representative's Committee. In Oregon, Senate Bill 90 has passed.

One business owner in Yakima says he's going to have to find a new way to serve his traditional drinks.

"As far as the raspados, the snow cones people usually eat that with spoons so I'm sure they can be okay without the straws. The waters, nowadays the company we get our lids from are now starting to offer a sippy cup lid," said Roberto Carlos Beleche, owner of Doña Chelito.

At Doña Chelito, they can go through anywhere from 200 to 400 straws a day. Beleche says he's been talking to his distributor for alternative solutions, some of which could affect the cost of his drinks.

"You know the sippy cup lids are more expensive or the paper straws are more expensive we may just have to raise some of our prices on our snow cones or waters depending on how much more we have to pay," said Beleche.

Food establishments not following this new bill could potentially be fined.

Roberto says he's not sure what he'll do but he's sure he wants to help the environment.

"You just have to adapt to that new law. I mean for us we probably go through over two thousand straws a week at least for sure. But if it's something to fix our environment by all means we're going to try and work with that as well," said Beleche.

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