Service dog Roobee and her owner

YAKIMA, WA - A Yakima man says his service dog was attacked by two pit bulls on the Yakima Greenway.

While Patrick Welch and his dog Roobee walked through the Yakima Greenway Thursday afternoon, Welch says the unexpected happened.

"A pit bull came out charging at us and then got a hold of my little Roobee," said Welch.

Welch says the pit bull came directly towards Roobee.

"We struggled with trying to separate them. Then, a second mouse grey and white mature pit bull came out as well," said Welch.

According to Welch the two pit bulls were unleashed and belonged to a woman, whom he says did not apologized.

"No. No, and then she sped off outside the parking lot," said Welch.

Just a day after the attack Roobee seems to be doing fine. Minor scratches on her face, but Welch says when he saw Roobee bleeding during the attack he could not imagine life without her.

"She's the reason why I'm still on this planet, without her I wouldn't be here," said Welch.

Welch has informed animal control of the attack and warns other dog owners to be aware of owners who can not control their animals.

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