SUNNYSIDE, WA - People in Sunnyside and Grandview are upset with the mistreatment of several graves at a local cemetery.

Several veteran's graves were driven over by cemetery employees and pictures that show tractor marks over and around the graves are being shared.

On Sunday, when Erica Piña went to visit her grandfathers grave at the Lower Valley Memorial Gardens Cemetery she noticed the marks.

"You can see tire marks everywhere. It really was upsetting to see. This is not how we are suppose to honor our veterans or any kind of deceased people," said Erica Piña.

The cemetery has commented on the issue and has apologized for their wrongdoing.

"There's no excuse for what happened on the markers and for that we truly apologize... I can't stand here and say that nothing like this might ever happen in the future, but it is avoidable and we are going to 100% avoid that, because we want people to feel welcome here and this is their home," said Dan Williams, General Manager at Lower Valley Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Piña and others on social media say there have been several maintenance issues in the past at his cemetery.

One person even said this is not the first time this exact incident happens.

"First comment, 'This is ridiculous and this is no the first time either.' There's another comment, 'I understand that they have a job to do, but this is disrespect.' 'The workers there have no respect and they even say we will talk to them and nothing has been done," said Piña.

The graves were fixed on Tuesday, but Piña says it bothers her knowing that it took almost four days to address and fix this.

Williams says he took over the position of general manager in October of last year, but people say not much has changed.

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