Lot Cop

YAKIMA, WA - New devices have been placed in Walmart parking lots to help ensure customer safety.

These new devices are called 'Lot Cop' and they are essentially eyes in the sky.

"Simply, what a Lot Cop is, is a new technology that Walmart has invested in to help provide safety and security in our parking lots," said Joseph Smith, Market Asset Protection Manager, Walmart.

Walmart has placed over 400 of these devices in various of its stores located all over the country and five of these units are in Washington state.

"It helps us identify criminal activity in the parking lot and helps us get on top of it quicker, and it helps with the police department and things with that when we cooperate with them," said Smith.

These Lot Cop devices began to appear in Walmart stores in August of 2018.

The store located on Chestnut Avenue in Yakima received one in October of last year, but the Walmart in West Valley has never had one.

Smith says this new type of technology is only being placed in certain stores.

"We use internal data and criteria for selecting what units we're going to put them in and gives us the best return on investment and gives the customer the best experience," said Smith.

Even though the devices are a new commodity Smith says he has seen a decrease in incidents.

"I can speak for this location we've seen a lot less activity in the parking lot since we've put them up," said Smith.

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