YAKIMA, WA - Throughout the next few months, whether you're driving across town or driving over the pass, you may see some challenges.

One of the biggest mistakes many people do is not prepare themselves before the winter.

Check all your fluids including antifreeze, wiper fluid, and even your oil. Make sure they are topped off or replaced to ensure your car runs properly this winter.  If your TPMS (tire pressure monitor system) comes on, head over to a local tire shop to get your tires checked. Driving on snow, ice, or slick roads on low tires can reduce your tire's traction in the snow.

Even if you don't check everything yourself, take your car to a trusted mechanic before the temperatures drop. 

Consider checking your car's emergency kit. During winter time you should include different items than during the summer.

Winter Car Kit:

  • flashlight
  • batteries 
  • blanket 
  • snacks 
  • water 
  • gloves 
  • boots 
  • first-aid kit
  • tire chains/cables 
  • kitty litter or sand
  • flares
  • snow scraper/snow brush
  • jumper cables

Always check mountain passes on DOT's website as well for road conditions. WSDOT advises if you get stranded stay in your car, put your flashers on and call for help. Wait until help arrives to get out of your car.

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