Yakima Valley College Black History Exhibit

YAKIMA, WA - The award-winning mobile museum "Black History 101" made a stop at Yakima Valley College.

The museum boasts more than 7-thousand original artifacts

From the slave trade era to hip hop culture this museum will take you on a different path through history.

"These artifacts are an opportunity to reflect on the importance of black history, it's a reminder of the sacrifices our ancestors have made and it's a way for us to appreciate our history," said Khalid el-Hakim, founder of the museum.

Artifacts that are decades old have traveled to 32 different states and over 300 institutions

This mobile museum allows people to learn about history a different way.

"The importance of understanding that African Americans have made a valuable contribution to the society and we also want to give people a sense that there are many voices that must be included in the American history," said el-Hakim.

Their oldest artifact dates back to the 1800s and the newest is from American football player Colin Kapernick.

Most of these artifacts have been found through scavenger hunts all across the country.

"I've traveled around the country going to antique shops', flea markets, garage sales just acquiring these artifacts from many places around the county," said el-Hakim.

The mobile museum will be available on the Yakima Valley College Grandview campus Thursday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

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